Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fun with blasphemy

So September 30th was Blasphemy Day International, and the Center for Inquiry has released their blasphemy contest winners. Contestants were supposed to create blasphemous statements no longer than 20 words. The winners:
  • “Faith is no reason” (by Ken Peters)
  • “There’s no religion like no religion” (Daniel Boles)
  • “I wouldn’t even follow your god on Twitter” (Michael Hein)
  • “The reason religious beliefs need protection from ridicule is that they are ridiculous” (Michael Nugent), and,
  • “I survived the God virus” (Perry Bulwer)
I vote for the 4th one: I'd totally buy a t-shirt with that on.

Oh. And just for fun, my five favorite blasphemous pictures.


  1. • The only downside to atheism is never getting to say, “See? I told you so!”

    • Religion – the poor man’s Prozac

    • God is a blame-shedding device for the things you yourself screwed up