Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ionian Enchantment turns two...

So today is my 2nd blogiversary -- it was November 3rd, 2007 when I wrote my first post, ingeniously entitled "Welcome...". As I noted on the occasion of my first blogiversary, things haven't turned out as I thought it would, and my blog is much the better for it. While Ionian Enchantment has remained unabashedly intellectual/academic (read: nerdy) and while I've (almost) consistently steered clear of politics and other distractions, my remit has steadily expanded and my style has become quite a bit more informal. (I am told this is easier on the eyes, which confuses me a bit since academese is my mother tongue). I must say, I'm very glad I started blogging, not only have I learned a hell of a lot over the last two years, indirectly I even met my lovely fiancĂ©e through blogging. (Now that's geek-cred for you. If only I could convince her to have a pirate wedding....). Oh. And thanks to Steve and the SGU gang for convincing me to look into this whole "blogging thing". (A full chronology: joined Facebook, joined the FB group "Atheists, Agnostics and Non-Religious", found out about SGU on the discussion forum there, listened to SGU and learned about the skeptical movement and blogging, read blogs, started my own blog, heard about skeptics in the pub Joburg, went to pub, met girl...).   

Anyway, yay to me and all that jazz... (Is it just me or do I use far too many brackets in this post? [nah]).