Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who's your Nerdy?

Last week I asked readers to nominate Angela (of The Skeptic Detective and @skepticdetectiv) for a Nerdy NomNom, an award for the sexiest and generally most awesome nerd in South Africa. Well, it turns out both she and another fantastic skeptical blogger, Owen Swart (of 01 and the universe and @owenswart), have made it to the semi-finals. Yay!

Now, obviously, I'm biased: Owen's my friend and Angela's my fiancée, but I think they both deserve a nod. I can vouch for both of them being complete and utter nerds (see Angela and Owen's respective nerdy breakdowns of their nerd-cred) and, of course, you can head over to their respective blogs to see the exemplary skeptical and sciency work they've been doing. And, as luck would have it, a Nom Nom is awarded for each sex, so you can go vote for both... Go!

(Pics: Angela, top, looking hawt and nom and Owen and his wife Heidi, bottom, looking hawt and nerdy).