Tuesday, April 28, 2009

War in prehistory

I blogged a while back about the Evolutionary Perspectives on War conference that happened earlier this year, and now I see science-writer John Horgan has a piece out in Scientific American covering some of the highlights of a very similar looking conference. A titbit:
As deep as scientists peer into human history and prehistory, they have found evidence of violence. That was the bad news from 17 researchers in anthropology and other fields at “The Evolution of Human Aggression: Lessons for Today’s Conflicts” conference, held at the University of Utah at the end of February. The good news is that much can be done to reduce lethal conflict in the world today. As participant Frans B. M. de Waal of Emory University put it, humans are not “destined to wage war forever.”

Blogging break at an end

The meatspace has taken over of late, but I'm sure you all will be overjoyed to hear that my unannounced blogging break is now officially over. I think it did me good but I'm very keen to start blogging again.