Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What I blog

In my very first entry, "Welcome", I said my blog:
will consist almost entirely of my irregular musing and reflections on recent (and sometimes not so recent) published academic papers in evolutionary and social psychology. Occasionally I might indulge myself by venturing further afield, probably mainly into political science. I may even sometimes fail to take myself seriously and blog about something other than a specific academic paper.
I now realize, however, that I underestimated just how powerless I am in the face of my very wide interests. So I've given up - I'm no longer even going to try restraining myself from blogging about issues that interest me. Basically, this means I won't try keeping to evolutionary and social psychology anymore. (Not that I have been anyway). Although the majority of the content here will be related to psychology, the scope of the blog is now (officially, instead of de facto) broader. I'll have occasional entries on biology, neuroscience, scientific skepticism, medicine, cognitive science and whatever else strikes my fancy really. Don't fear however: this will remain (a) a science blog (i.e. I won't start ranting about politics or discuss metaphysics) , (b) an academic blog (i.e. I won't start telling you what I ate for breakfast) and (c) a blog mainly about human behavior (i.e. I'll blog about other topics to the extent to which it impacts on our understanding of human behavior).

I hope you'll keep reading! (You few...)