Thursday, January 31, 2008

Skeptics circle #79

The 79th edition of the skeptics circle is out at Podback Blog - and its theme is, of all things, LOLcats. I think we best not even ask... My favorite entries: Greta Christina asks "What's the harm in a little woo?", Polite Company playfully suggests you date a nerd and Skeptico explains why extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.


  1. Actually it's quite simple - Pod Black Cat blog features a logo of an anime black cat. Much of my research looks at superstitions. I even own a black cat and done some reading on the prejudice against them.

    With these elements and the recent research that I link to at the very start of the Skeptic's Circle, indicating that one popular blog has proposed that the impact of 'lolcats' on the brain might be worth looking into - well, it seemed logical to do a little 'gift' to every contributor of their own 'cat' for their fine entries.

    It doesn't distract from the reading - you have to click on the link for the 'cat' and you can certainly ignore that element altogether because this was one of the most enjoyable reading experiences I've had in collating it. I don't think there was much overlap in topics and the range from peer-reviewed reflection to humorous satirical poetry demonstrated what talented writers there are out there.

    Don't forget to check out the TANK vodcast, featured at the end. Guaranteed 'lol-free', if it's not 'your bag, baby'. ;)

    Podblack Blog.

  2. Thanks for the explanation Podblack... I wasn't really criticizing the theme (I thought it was extremely creative). I was simply being facetious. :-)