Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Islamic creationism

Creationists are not known for their facility with reason and evidence, but Adnan Oktar, the infamous Turkish Islamic creationist, is several standard deviations dumber and crazier than any other creationist I've ever come across. Here's Oktar in an interview with Spiegel Online:
SPIEGEL ONLINE: Richard Dawkins, one of the most prominent of the New Atheists, has recently brought out his bestselling book, The God Delusion, in Turkish and we gather it has already sold 15,000 copies. One of the things he writes is that religion can be a cause of terrorism.

Oktar: Darwinism was the foundation of Hitler's and Mussolini's Fascism and Stalin's Communism. And if we look at the present day, we see that all terrorists – even those who consider themselves to be Muslims – are actually Darwinists and atheists. A believer who prays regularly does not plant bombs. The only people who do that are those who are pretending to be Muslims – or who are Darwinists clearly saying that they are terrorists or Communists. So it follows that they are all Darwinists.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Do you seriously believe that someone like Osama Bin Laden, who uses the Koran and the godlessness of the West to justify terrorist attacks, is being driven by Darwinist ideals?

Oktar: These people aren't always the way they seem to be in their youth. If one tests them to discover their true beliefs, one realises that they are materialists and Darwinists at heart. It is impossible for a person who fears Allah to commit terrorist acts. Such acts are perpetrated by people who have studied abroad and have had a Darwinist education, people who have internalised Darwin and later call themselves Muslims.
I stand in awe of such utter stupidity.


  1. Never underestimate the power of self-delusion.
    Reading the words of these morons sometimes makes me despair of ever seeing reason triumph, but then I think - how much of what they say do they really believe, and how much are they just playing to their audience?

    Keep at 'em!