Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dennett in South Africa

So I advertized Daniel Dennett's talk at UKZN the other day, but if you couldn't go, some good news: Dennett is giving a couple of more talks in South Africa in the next week. First he'll lecture at SciFest (in Grahamstown) on April 28th (program) on "How materialism transforms our understanding of consciousness", then he'll deliver the TB Davis Memorial Lecture on March 31st at the University of Cape Town on "What should you be free to teach your children about religion?" (press release) and, finally, on April 1st he's at Stellenbosch University with a talk entitled "From animal to person" (press release).

If you're in any of these towns -- go to these events! You will not be disappointed.


  1. I am really glad that Dennett has made it to our shores, but would have been a little more excited had he made it to our inland cities too. ;)

    Can I make a prediction here? Shofar will issue a statement linking Dennett's talk in Stellenbosch with April Fools' day.

  2. Dennett has really impressed me as an intellectual and as a person. He is so humble and sweet, especially considering his amazing talents.