Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh, noes! Rational arguments!

I've linked to the always fantastic Onion a number of times now on this blog, but this article might be the best yet. It's just wonderful. Entitled "Oh, No! It's Making Well-Reasoned Arguments Backed With Facts! Run!", it beautifully sums up the tactics and mindset of quacks, pseudoscientists, religious fanatics and their fellow idiots. It's demolition by satire.

A snippet:
Gah! It's calmly and evenhandedly deflecting everything we're throwing at it. Our deductive fallacies are only making it stronger! Wait…what on earth is it doing now? Oh, no, it has sources! My God, it's defending itself with ironclad sources! Someone stop the citing! Please, please stop the citing!

The language is impenetrable! For all that is good and holy, backpedal with all your might!

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