Friday, February 5, 2010

Times Online's Top 30 Science Blogs

Note: as PZ Myers points out, the list includes one Anthony Watts, a crank global warming denialist. That's rather dumb of The Times.

Times Online has released their choice of the 30 best science blogs. Several of my favorite blogs got the nod, including, Carl Zimmer's The Loom, Vaughn Bell's Mind Hacks, Ed Yong's Not Exactly Rocket Science, Orac's Respectful Insolence, and Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy.

The picks are, I think, pretty biased towards British blogs, but maybe that's understandable. There are a couple of oversights, though. Arguably, some of these may have deserved it more than blogs that made it onto the list (*cough*Intersection*cough*). Some of the overlooked science blogs are Steven Novella's NeuroLogica, Mo's Neurophilosophy, David Colquhoun's  Improbable Science, John Hawks' Anthropology Weblog and Science-Based Medicine.

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