Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Video: Bad Universe

So the most excellent Phil "the Bad Astronomer" Plait  has a new Discovery Channel show coming out called "Bad Universe". It seems to be based on his book Death From the Skies! about all the ways the universe could snuff us out. The first episode is on asteroids; and it looks frekkin awesome. Embedded below, or click here for the direct link.


  1. I watched the first episode last night - it wasn't very good. Far to cartoonish in tone for my taste, with Plait coming across as disturbingly manic, rather than enthusiastic. There was also some annoying catch-phrase he kept using. And while they did some cool stuff, the viewer wasn't often shown how mass/distance etc. of the experimental blowing up of things correlated to the real things - so it's hard to know what I can take from the episode.

  2. Just saw it too. I rather enjoyed it actually. Granted, it was a touch frivolous at times, but that's the price you pay for reaching a mass audience. (Or so I'm told).