Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pravda silliness

The Russian online newspaper Pravda (ironically, "The Truth"; a distant descendant of the Pravda of the Communist era) is well known for being, well, crazy. My two favorite recent examples are "Centaurs appeared after copulation between humans and animals" and "Dolphins used to look like humans and lived in Atlantis". As I said, crazy. Now, oh the shock!, Pravda has published an embarrassingly naive article in defense of intelligent design. Frankly, the piece simply does not deserve a rational response - it rehearses the well-worn arguments we've heard hundreds of times from the evolution-deniers. My favorite part:
Trust me, Dawkins and all the evolutionists put together can't hold a candle to the scientific genius of Dr. Gish. Just read one of Dr. Gish's books and you'll see why. Dr. Gish has successfully debated hundreds of evolution scientists in secular colleges and universities across the nation over the past two decades, and students have consistently voted him the winner in all of those debates. Don't try looking for this news in the main stream media. You won't find it there anymore than you'll find a half-evolved chipmunk running around in your backyard!
Oh, we should 'trust him'! Right...

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