Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blogging epidemic

It seems I am responsible for a blogging epidemic among my friends... no fewer than four of my friends have taken up blogging, and another has returned to it after an absence. I do love those social epidemics. So, the run down:

I mentioned Dave Ansara's blog, Quid Pro Quo, already, but will note Dave has already produced a bunch of interesting posts. If South African politics is even remotely on your radar, read his blog!

Wim Louw, an honours student in philosophy at UKZN has started a blog entitled the little book of capoeira. Don't hold the title against him, he's young and obsessed with Capoeira. He's just started, but blogs about cognitive science and related fields.

The person who's returned to blogging is Simon Halliday, an old friend from my Cape Town days. Simon is a very interesting guy: he started out doing drama in his first year, but then switched directions and ended up with masters degrees in Economics and Creative Writing from UCT. Currently, he's doing his Ph.D at the University of Siena in Italy. His blog is called Amanuensis and covers a lot of ground, but particularly economics, literature, politics and general science. (Warning: reading this blog exposes you to occasional poetry).

Another very interesting friend who has started a blog is Mark Oppenheimer, a friend from Cape Town with degrees in philosophy and law. Mark's blog, Liberty Addiction, covers his interests in ethics, film, photography and more.

Last but certainly not least is David Spurrett with Effortless Incitement. Full disclosure: David is my supervisor and I will thus no doubt be accused of brown-nosing with this link. But I've been badgering him to start a blog because he has interestingly wide interests: philosophy of science, scientific skepticism, cognitive science, philosophy, experimental philosophy, neuroscience, behaviourism and, of course, radically inappropriate humor. Oh, and I've heard rumors that he's quite a clever guy...

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  1. Fantastic mon bonhomme. Yes, there will be poetry & econ. Gotta love the contrast.