Sunday, June 22, 2008

Three Encephalons...

I really have been a bad boy about keeping up with carnivals (just like with the Skeptics Circle), I've missed three editions of Encephalon. Well, later is always better than never, so here we go...

The 45th instalment of the carnival was ably hosted by PodBlack Cat. Recommended pieces: Mind Hacks on trends in neuroscience research and Giovanna Di Sauro on an exceptionally cool study about gender (not sex) determination in fruit flies that is controlled by something of a 'master-switch'.

The 46th Encephalon was hosted by The Neurocritic and is possibly the best edition yet. Posts to check out: Neuroscientifically Challenged on the neuroscience of distributive justice and vaccines for drug addiction; Mind Hacks on supernumerary phantom limbs and Developing Intelligence on a study that seems to show hyperbolic discounting is the result of nonlinear time-perception, not a lack of self-control.

Chanel N hosted Encephalon #47. Recommended entries: Podblack Cat on a classic science paper about belief in fortune tellers and Mind Hacks on placebos for children.

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