Friday, January 16, 2009

Homeopathy in Africa

Estimated number of people in the world living...Image via WikipediaI just found out via the excellent Lay Scientist that a homeopathy quack, one Jeremy Sherr, is up to no good in Africa. Sherr, apparently a big-time homeopath (whatever that amounts to), thinks homeopathy is the solution to the AIDS pandemic in Africa, so he decided to travel to Tanzania to treat patients and conduct trails. To document his activities and garner support, he started a blog, Jeremy's Journal from Africa. Inexcusably and pathetically, once he was called-out, he started deleting and editing posts, and censoring comments. Luckily, several of his posts were saved so we can confirm that he really is an irresponsible loon who has no business near any patients, let alone ones who suffer from a serious, life-threatening illness.

Mr. Sherr, get the hell out of Africa and take your silly magic water pills with you

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