Monday, January 5, 2009

Understanding Science

The Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science has declared 2009 the Year of Science. As part of this initiative, they've launched an excellent new website: Understanding Science. Hearteningly, the website focuses not on the content of science but on the process of science. Especially check out Understanding Science 101 and this great visualization of how science works.

For Google:
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  1. The very best introductions to science, from what I can recall, were shows like Bill Nye. I see "Blast Labs" is attempting to do something similar, albeit with more vigour, less rigour.

    Hopefully we see a resurgance of these kind of shows in the next few years, and maybe the kids who watch them will teach their folks a thing or two as well.

  2. Yeah... I'm all for a healthy dose of entertainment with the science ed. And Bill Nye certainly did a great job with *that*.

    And, for adults, there is Bullshit and Mythbusters...

  3. What about shows like House?

  4. Well... I'm not so sure House is exactly a very 'scientific' or 'reasonable' doctor. The show presents science as something for geniuses - the answer comes to House magically. Not how science works...

  5. Ah, but what about promoting a bit of healthy, albeit 'grumpy', skepticism? Or at least some critical thinking. I agree its not ideal, but its better than Touched by an angel.