Friday, August 27, 2010

Joburg Skeptics in the Pub: The Plait edition

It's almost time for the next monthly Skeptics in the Pub Joburg, scheduled for Wednesday, September 1st at 19:30. This time round we're meeting in Sandton (full address below and see the Facebook page for more details). We'll be screening and then discussing Phil Plait's much-debated "Don't Be A Dick" speech at TAM8, which Phil posted about in three parts. Alternate views you might want to look into include Jerry Coyne's critique (see also Dawkins' comment on that post) and PZ's takedown.

Anyway, please come join us for a beer (or three) and some skeptical goodness....

Full address: McGinty’s Pub, Morningside Medical Mews
4 Hill Road, Morningside
Sandton, South Africa

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