Monday, August 2, 2010

The SA Blog Awards...

For detailed instructions, please see this.

So... the South African Blog Awards have come around again (somewhat later than usual, thanks to the World Cup), and I'm yet again going to test the patience of my readers by asking for support. I'm gunning for three categories this year: (1) Best South African blog (fat chance, but I'm going to try...), (2) Best Science or Technology Blog and (3) Best post on a South African blog (for "In Praise of Deference" - which I'm rather fond of). The easiest way to nominate me for the sci-tech category is to click here: that should pick the category for you, so you'll just have to enter an email address, pass a CAPTCHA and hit submit... I'm afraid nominating "In Praise of Deference" will have to be done manually using the following URL: Since the widget the the organizers provided doesn't seem to work, you'll also have to nominate me manually for Best SA blog.

I have also nominated a bunch of other worthy blogs, please consider nominating them too:
(Tangential moaning: why - oh why - do they insist on combining the science and technology categories? A blog about behavioural economics is incommensurable with one heavy into the latest gadgets.)

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