Monday, May 5, 2008

The Skeptologists

We may have Mythbusters and Bullshit, but the science/skeptical community certainly needs more good TV. Luckily, a new series is in the works: The Skeptologists. Here is the blurb:
We're not willing to just accept stories of the paranormal or supernatural. We want proof. Each week, we'll take on a handful of wild claims -- from the Bermuda Triangle to Bigfoot sightings to haunted houses -- and apply accepted scientific practices and experiments to see if these ideas really hold up. Whether in the field or in the lab, we'll literally put these subjects to the test in the hopes that one day we may find something that can't be explained. Each episode will investigate one or more popular paranormal, supernatural, or other type of phenomena, in favor of evidence-based science.
The cast, is absolutely first rate, it includes: Steven Novella, Michael Shermer and Phil Plait. So far a pilot has been filmed and now the producers need to convince a network to pick up the show. There are a couple of ways to help: become a "fan" of the show on Facebook or send an email to with something like "Yes, I want to see a skeptical show like this!".

A short promo video (embedded below, or click here) has also been released:

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