Wednesday, January 7, 2009

African science blogrolling for January

I try my best to promote African science and skepticism blogging and this blogrolling post is one of the most efficient means available to me: it drives traffic to the blogs included (hopefully!), ups Technorati authority all round, provides Google juice and generally spreads awareness. You, too, can help: please consider (a) adding the blogroll and (b) doing a blogrolling entry like this one. (And make sure you're a member of Afrigator and Technorati). To make your lives a bit easier: here is a .txt file containing the HTML of the list of blogs (so you can easily create an entry like this one) and here is an OPML file of the blogroll (so you can easily import it).

N.B.: If you know about an African science or skeptical blog that is not on this list, please let me know!


  1. What qualifies as an African Sceptic blog? And why do you use the American spelling?

  2. Because he's aiming for an American audience?

    And it's a blog whose author is African, or who lives in Africa, or who deals with uniquely African issues. Obviously, all to do with scepticism, pseudoscience, credulity, etc.

  3. Joy-Mari... I went to an American school at an impressionable age, so I've always preferred American spelling. (Programme?! come on)

    African = by an African (whitys included), skeptic = scientific skepticism.

  4. Have you read my Word Whisperer blog, Michael? I posted something on American grammar and spelling versus British grammar and spelling a while back. < /self-promotion >

    It's a pity Gustav doesn't really blog anymore; his Constant Flux blog is really good.

    I'll try to think of other blogs that might fit your profile.

  5. Joy-Mari... I'll have a look, you have a url for me?

    Thanks... that would be awesome.

  6. Just to let you know, I've posted the blog roll at The Lay Scientist - . Good job.

  7. Wow until about a minute ago I did not know there there are quite a few of us. Nice blog btw, I'll keep an eye on it =)