Tuesday, January 13, 2009

South African astronomy

Photograph of :en:Knockin radio telescope, Kno...Image via WikipediaThis is seriously off topic, but anyway... The Astronomy.com Blog has an interesting interview with Benne Holwerda, a University of Cape Town astronomy postdoc, about South Africa's bid for the giant Square Kilometer Array radio telescope. Especially good news is that South Africa is already building MeerKAT, a technology development and pathfinder array, which will do some seriously cool science whether or not South Africa gets the SKA. Hearteningly, there are various scholarships attached to both these projects, so they look set to contribute to the creation of a flourishing astronomy community in the country.
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  1. You may have already seen it but the Chetty et al "Physics for development" article has a bunch about science in S.A., especially observational astronomy.



  2. I hadn't seen that previously, thanks...

  3. That, by the way, is the Nithaya Chetty who was recently hounded out of UKZN for annoying the Vice-Chancellor.

  4. Yeah, I noticed that. I was at Chetty's talk on academic freedom a couple of months ago. He was incredibly reasonable and agreeable. I can't believe he was hounded out of his position like that. Very sad.