Sunday, August 24, 2008

Call for submissions (n.b.)

The Carnival of the Africans is just four days away and so far I have only a few submissions. African science bloggers and others blogging about African issues - please contribute!! There are certainly enough of us to justify a monthly carnival, but this initiative will only work if there is enough of you actively contributing. C'mon guys, get writing!

By the way, contributing to carnivals is a great way to promote your blog. Bora of Blog Around the Clock has a full explanation but here are my top three reasons:
  1. Carnivals drive traffic to your blog. Why bother writing something if nobody reads it?
  2. It increases your Technorati authority and thus ups your visibility.
  3. Good posts submitted to carnivals attacts regular readers, i.e. people who subscribe to your feed. Contributing to carnivals is therefore an important way to build a reader-base.

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