Thursday, August 14, 2008

SA Science & Skepticism Carnival

Update: the guidelines and schedule for the carnival is here.

As part of my initiative to foster better cooperation and communication between South African science bloggers, I've decided to launch a blog carnival by and for South Africans on science and skepticism. It will be a monthly carnival modeled on the Skeptics' Circle but including a broader range of science topics. Everyone (non-South Africans included) will be welcome to participate, but the main aim will be to highlight science and skeptical blogging by South Africans, or on South African topics. The carnival will take place on the 28th of each month and the guidelines will be broadly similar to that of the Skeptics' Circle. That is, entries will have to be apolitical, avoid controversial and arguably unresolvable moral questions and should ideally be substantive, well-written and thoroughly thought through. Any skeptical topic (including critical thinking) is appropriate, but anything on science (preferably based on peer-reviewed research) is also welcome.

I will host the first edition of the carnival on the 28th of August, so please send in your articles to! Also, we need a name for the carnival and I'm not so good on the creative side of things. The best I've come up with is South African Science & Scepticism Circle (SASSC?). Or South Africans for Science & Skepticism. Doctor Spurt suggested "The Boerewors Club", but I'm not so sure about that one... Suggestions, please!! Oh, and we could do with some sort of nice icon or button. Any arty sceptics out there?

We also need volunteers to host the carnival. Hosting requires a bit of work, specifically, reading through and moderating the submissions, working everything into a coherent post and, importantly, bringing out the edition on time. The schedule so far:
Please spread the word!


  1. I will be very happy to help, please sign me up for January (so I have some time to see what kind of entries you are looking for).
    Looking forward to it!