Monday, October 6, 2008

Evolutionary Psychology joins the 21st century...

The online open-access peer-reviewed journal Evolutionary Psychology has finally joined the 21st century... They've launched an RSS! Now it'll be possible to keep track of new articles properly. (They've had a email notification system for a while, but I didn't find that particularly useful).

Anyway, here are some of the coolest looking recent studies (all links to full pdfs):

The first of these papers looks particularly interesting and it's related to my research to boot. Expect a review of it soon...


  1. next time you explain RSS to a blonde, try saying orange square with white diagonal stripes.

  2. I explained what RSS's are to you just the other day via email!!! :-)

  3. yes and my brain could have been illustrated like this:


    then i looked around and tadaa: orange square with white stripes!

  4. From Shoup and Gallup:
    "Females also rated males who reported more sexual partners as having more attractive faces"

    Attractive males get more tang? Oh. My. Gawd. Who would have thought?

    But seriously now...

    "hormonal and genetic factors that shape morphological indicators of fitness also influence facial features"

    Wait just one second. What about "Guys with good looking faces wind up working out more"? Hmm?

  5. Yeah, I read Shoup and Gallup and was far, far from impressed.

  6. what did you think of the vocabulary study?

  7. I haven't read it properly - just skimmed it - but I can't say I was very impressed. I'd have to read it thoroughly to have a proper opinion though.

    Evolutionary Psychology's quality is very variable - some really crap papers get published there...

  8. oh, i thought it was pretty good, i havent seen much literature on vocabulary and why such a large one might be useful. if you look at most psychology language books they only seem to talk about the structure and grammar and stuff