Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Infidelity

Talking about infidelity... New Scientist has a report on a recent study in Human Nature that concluded men are better at detecting infidelity than women, but that women are adept at hiding it. A paragraph or two:
"This adds to the evidence that men have evolved defences to detect their partner's infidelity," says David Buss at the University of Texas, Austin. He adds that it demonstrates a "fascinating cognitive bias that leads men to err on the side of caution by overestimating a partner's infidelity".

Andrews suggests that women have countered this by becoming better at covering up affairs. Complex statistical analysis of the data hinted that a further 10 per cent of the women in the study had cheated on top of the 18.5 per cent who admitted to it in the questionnaires, whereas the men had been honest about their philandering.

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