Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dawkins embarrassed after death and subsequent resurrection

Maybe I have a weird sense of humor but I found the NewsBiscuit satirical article "Richard Dawkins embarrassed after death and subsequent resurrection" hysterically funny. A sample:
Confirmed atheist Richard Dawkins was forced onto the defensive yesterday after he died but subsequently rose from the dead in a miraculous resurrection, much like that of the son of God Jesus Christ.

‘There are a number of perfectly logical scientific explanations for what has happened’ he told journalists flocking to hear his story or just touch the hem of his clothing. ‘Although I was pronounced dead after the unfortunate incident on Friday, the doctors clearly made a mistake. The fact that there was thunder and lightning, and those around claim to have heard the sound of angelic voices is completely irrelevant.’
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  1. Not awfully funny, but it's funny. Thanks for this.