Monday, December 1, 2008

Quackery in South Africa

I'm really not a big fan of journalists, they too often get things terribly wrong, especially when it comes to science or complicated political matters. So I was very surprised - and overjoyed - to find the article Quackery is big business in SA in The Witness. The journalists, Anna-Maria Lombard, Anso Thom and Kerry Cullinan, report on and condemn various medical health scams perpetrated by quacks in South Africa's big cites.

Let's hope the Health Department under Barbara Hogan (the new Minister) starts doing something about these outrageous practices.


  1. I don't think there is a punishment fit for these opportunistic vultures. There is no way that the anguish and sufferring that they have brought to their victims can be shown to them in such a way that they feel remorse for what they have done. Likely they will take the slap on the wrist from Justice and return to doing the same thing (although with a slightly different hook, I'm sure).

    I fear that many will retreat behind the veil of "Traditional Medicine" to avoid prosecution, after all, the Government has expressed its support for traditional healers in the past and feels that they have enough knowledge to be called "doctor" and to work in the same hospital wings as practicioners of modern, science-based medicine.

  2. Agreed... but any punishment is better than no punishment.

  3. I agree too I'd say.
    Dan Howitt.