Friday, December 5, 2008

Prayer in SA schools

Science journalist Leonie Joubert has an excellent article in the Mail & Guardian taking on ANC president Jacob Zuma's support for daily prayer in South African schools. An excerpt:
The point, Jacob Zuma, is that we don't need pious school leavers; we need ones who are developing razor-keen skills so that they can keep this country on the road to modernity. I'd like some of them to become super-healers, the kinds of doctors, nurses and medical researchers who are so good at what they do that the ruling party won't have to suffer the indignity of sending its ailing leaders off to the hospitals of former colonisers to get decent medical treatment. So let's leave the teachers to do their jobs -- teach -- and spare them the distraction of daily incantations.
Joubert also writes a blog, Scorched... why hadn't I heard about her previously?!

(Via Skeptic South Africa).

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